The research has shown that well-printed wrapper significantly increases a value of the offered product. We can gain not only on price we make, but also on promoting our own brand. The main advantages of direct printing are:

1. Quality
2. Durability
3. Being productive and attractive
4. Raising product’s value

 We offer also indirect printing – foil or paper labels made in hot print process (there’s possibility to use mirrored colors of silver/ gold) and paper labels by silk-screen printing.

  World-class cosmetic's producers follow this direction for very long years. It has provided  them financial success and high brand recognition. The main aim of our activity is to follow new trends on the trade market. The one of our activities is to open the branch which deals with doing inscriptions on wrappers with the technique of pad printing and serigraphy depending on profile and size of the object. We also keep increasing production capacity of traditional paper-foil labels by purchasing additional equipment. We make inscriptions on cylindrical and flat areas e.g. polishes, jars, caps, nail files etc. We have extended our offer to paper bags and corrugated wrappers (paperboards). 

  We invite you to co-operation with our company, if you would be interested in this way of promoting your brand and raising her value. We guarantee professional service. In the interest of image and improvement of the product visual quality  Silcare® is giving you a probationary designs of inscriptions on wrappers, which are made by pad printing, serigraphy and flexography technique or visualization in pdf.

 If you have any questions, please contact us  - Silcare®