We design for you from A to Z.



ODM is our speciality from years. We can boast of hundreds of successful realizations in Poland and abroad. We make equally large, long series of cosmetic products for mid-sized companies and short for smaller companies. Every order, small or big, is individually considered. 



Especially for you we choose the design of wrappers. We have a wide range of glass wrappers, in nail polish wrapper type, and cosmetic jars in PP/PS/SAN type. In our storage you can find also bottles of different volumes of aluminum, polypropylene or HDPE.



All of your cosmetics are printed by us from top to bottom in any technique, which we offer. We can use traditional screen printing on flat and also rarely used round print. On details which need the precision we use a comprehensive pad printing. On oval objects we recommend lablel's print on foil with hot stamping technique. We invite to co-operation. 


design managment            

 ODM – Original Design Manufacturer – is a Company, which designs and creates for your order product "from A to Z". We are exactly that type of company ! OUTSOURCING is our speciality . For many years we have been making thousands of products signed with their logos. Dozens successful productions result in thousands of wholesale clients and hundreds of thousands retail clients. You can become our client too – use our knowledge. Build the strength of your own brand using our experience.

 Thanks to experiences we have reached, our company specializes in design management. For many years of designing and creating a cosmetic from the beginning until the end of this process – selling for retail client - we have developed a good taste and reached a knowledge which is necessary to make the perfect product. We would like to share with you this knowledge – make our supply base full of projects and research available. 

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